Kolben 67,0-69,0mm Honda MTX200 "MB"

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67,0mm 67,5mm 68,0mm 68,5mm 69,0mm

The Honda MTX was a 1980s 2-stroke off-road style motorcycle. The piston was very popular amongst Lambretta tuners for the Honda 205 conversion. The pistons were cheap, making it a fairly easy and economical conversion. The piston prices crept up due to the demand until they were all gone.

To use the piston in a Lambretta cylinder the con-rod needed to be changed or the cylinder needed to be shortened.

There must be hundreds of Honda 205 conversions around, some still on the road. There are also a lot of Honda MTX 200 bikes in need of a new piston.

To get around this we have commissioned a range of pistons for the Honda 205 conversion, starting at 67mm going up to 69mm in 0.5mm increments.

The piston is cast and comes with chromed rings, gudgeon pin and circlips.

The dome matches the Honda piston and is also marked with IN to point to the inlet port, just like the original piston.

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