Rear shocker bgm R12 V2 Black edition 300-310mm chrome Lambretta

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180 lb spring

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Rear shock bgm R12 Pro - Lambretta Series 1-3 - black spring.

The bgm R12 Pro is an ultimate high-end shock absorber for the Lambretta scooter. Build quality, materials, functionality and finnish are all first class, instantly recognizable in the precision CNC machined body.

With the bgm shock absorber you can adjust both the spring pre-load and the damping action. The eye to eye length of the unit is approximatly 295mm, exactly between Series 1/2 and Series 3 length. Experience has shown this to be optimal for road use on a Series 3. Because the rear is slightly higher there is more weight on the front-end. In combination with up-rated fork springs, correct fittings and front dampers you can breeze through corners like never before. What is more, this suspenssion really stands-up under heavy braking. Importantly we have not experienced any clearence issues with either MB or AF inlet manifolds, even with a packing plate there is ample space.

The damping action has 12 adjustable settings. Adjustment is carried out with the tool supplied, and thanks to the precision finnish can easily be done by hand. During compression the oil bleeds into the adjustable reservoir from the piston. The fluidity of the oil, and with it the the damping effect, is regulated via a valve. The flow rate of the oil during compression and de-compression can be accuratly adjusted over 12 settings to perfectly suit individual riders preferences.

The rear spring must burden the whole weight of the scooter. This makes it an essential component. On the stand the scooter uses approximatly 30 of the suspension travel. There are various ways to give the suspenson more pre-load. A harder spring is one way, however an over hard spring will not always compress when you want it to. So if you vary the load you carry or dont fancy changing springs for every occasion, choose an adjustable spring. With this you can adjust the spring pre-load to suit every occasion. The pre-load adjustment on the bgm R12 Pro is virtually infinite and can be fine tuned to the last mm.

In order to get an idea of the ideal pre-set for your set-up, try the following: 1st measure the difference between laden weight height (Z2) and unladen weight height (Z1) . The best point of reference is the end of the frame loop. To measure Z2, measure the distance between the end of the frame and the ground. To measure Z1 you need a helping-hand: With the scooter on the stand the helper should lean on the head-set so that the rear shocker spring is fully extended. The difference between the two should be +/- 5mm for scooters. With a load of up-to 150 Kg, nothing needs to be altered from this setting. When the scooter is carrying a passanger or heavy baggage, then extend the measured height by approx. 12,5mm.

The hook spanner is inluded with the delivery.

V2: The height can be adjusted by 10mm

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