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30.06.2016: News of the week

Crankshaft 51/105/15mm 20/20mm cone "LTH Mannschaft" Vespa PK XL

price: 295,-€


The new Überwelle from LTH is specially designed for the ESC K1 class.
As all potential crankshafts are either not available or not so potential we decided to do our own. The small crankcase of the V50 or PK engines cause a significant problem if they are running up to 14000 rpm. Durability of the material was one of the weak points in the past. The new "LTH Mannschaft" crank now offers German engineering combined with 13 years of Eurochallenge race practice without compromises and is now available also for non Mannschaft members. 

The webs are wider and bigger, so the engine needs to be machined to 88.5mm on both sides.
This gives the crank enough meat above the pin to prevent twisting.

It is full web crank with cutouts for optimal gas flow through the crankcase intake. Rotary intake is not possible.
It has enough room next to the rod to get enough lubrication into it.

The rod gets machined from a forged core of a big steel piece so it can stand very high rpms.

The weight distribution is made for the 58mm Parmakit/Polini forged piston but can also runs nicely with the 57mm cast one.
The special ratio prevents rattling to increase durability.

12.04.2016 - 17.04.2016: Product of the week

2-stroke oil Mobil1 Racing fully synthetic (1l)

Price: 8,50€ statt 9,90€


24.02.2016: Launch of the new shop.

We have a new shop software. This allows you to pay now by paypal plus. Paypal plus offers besides the normal paypal payment also payments by credit card, bank debit and on invoice. If you need assistance or if something is not working correctly. Please drop us a short email so we can assist.

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